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We provide the technological stack to run your containerized applications on the most relevant infrastructure for your needs.


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You're trained to pilot and monitor and leave the boring installation and upgrades to us.


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You reduce your operating costs thanks to our fine tuning. You're now free to choose your ressources unlocking cloud-brokerage opportunities.

We know what real life is like and built it with those challenges in mind !

Our team delivered for the past 10 years across various sectors (industrial, health, mining, banking, real estate… ) and have pragmatic approaches for your challenges


Everyone has a past

Our approach is centered around containers, allowing you to step into the future, bringing your legacy with you


Change is painfull

Have a look at our real-time and fully automated CI/CD GitOps approach for seamless organizations and deliveries !


Size does matter

With a solution designed for scalability, you can easilly multiply your apps, users and deliveries !

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Deployed quickly for quick results

< 5 mn

Dev to prod slashed down to a few minutes !

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Replace low-value tasks by a larger perimeter.


with each technical layer depply optimized, divide your ressource consumption by 10.


Fine-tune your multi-cloud infrastructure to improve by up to 40% your cloud expenses.


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you have access to everything, no traps, blackmail or tricks.


start right away and build your own path when you feel like it.

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You can leave at any time while keeping the whole platform

Best of breed components

You can find your own ressources at any time on the open market

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making the best tech available to everybody